About Us

Stella Maris Purpose:

We are dedicated divers who are passionate about all aspects of recreational and public safety diving. We are military veterans who share a common goal of making safe and competent divers while still having fun! It’s common to see training standards diluted to the point where all too frequently barely competent divers emerge after as little as two days of training! We believe customers deserve better and by providing excellent training the end result is a diver who is more comfortable, proficient, confident, and ultimately safer in the water.

Our Training:

We strive to provide the best quality recreational and public safety training available for those customers who are looking for something beyond the minimum. Each of us is constantly working to enhance our own personal training and the training our students receive. Our passion for diving extends into every aspect of our interactions with you.

Our Goal:

We are a local, family oriented organization that works hard to create a safe diving environment while making sure we are all having fun. We do have basic, reasonable standards that the overwhelming majority of people can meet to support their diving needs. We will work with the few students who are struggling to meet a particular standard until they succeed. We are not interested in dragging students through a brief course just to make some quick cash. It’s our goal to have each student become a lifelong diver who is competent and safe; even if it takes a little longer to do so.

Please give us a call or email, if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer them.